Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wideman Out, Boychuk In. There Needs To Be More Hockey On Sundays.

I was going to talk more about yesterdays game today, but I've decided not to as the game pretty much speaks for itself. I think putting it behind us and taking the 2 point gift is the best way to go about it, so I'll leave it at that.

After Wideman's terrible defensive move that caused him to injure his shoulder, Boychuk will get a shot to play tomorrow. I'm pretty pumped. I'm wondering who he'll be paired up with. I think a Hunwick/Boychuk pairing would be dangerous, but interesting as they're both young, 'puck moving' defensemen. I'm assuming he'll be paired with Morris. Move Morris to the second pair, and stick Boychuck there with him. I'm pretty sure Morris spent some time with Boychuk on D this pre-season, so I would expect to see the Morris/Boychuk combo. Maybe they'll move Hunwick to the second pair with Ference and put Boychuk with Stuart. Who Claude we trust.

Another quiet Sunday in hockey today, but at least the Bruins play tomorrow. I'll probably catch the Rangers v Ducks game at 5 today since I have Staal, Dubinsky and Niedermayer going for my fantasy team tonight. I'm just hoping I can come out with a good +/- as the race is tight in that category for me this week.

Go B's!

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