Monday, October 12, 2009

4-3 Avalanche Over Bruins: This 3rd Period Effort Is Getting Old. O-Fer On The Power Play AGAIN.

The Bruins had their season's best looking loss today against the Avalanche. Well, at least it looked good in the 3rd. The Bruins were in good shape after the 1st, even though they were down by 2. A Very frustrating period, but the game was not out of reach. Giving up 1 power play goal and a bad rebound control goal allow by Rask.

In the second, the Bruins decided they wanted to take some more penalties after tieing the game at two and allowed a Power Play goal and a shot handed goal. Rask has to work on his rebound control. That is one of the better qualities of Timmy. Any shot from the blueline, Rask just let it hit his chest and then he flopped around for the puck. We want Timmy!

Now I'm not a coach so I wouldn't know how to go about working on special teams play but...we gotta work on our special teams. Yet ANOTHER 0-fer game on the Power Play which burned us again as we had the chance to tie the game on the Power Play late in the game. We're 4 for 29 on the Power Play this season. 4 for 29! That's awful! We're even better on the Penalty Kill! 8 for 26. Are we missing PJ yet? Lets hope Julien can turn this around. In Julien we trust.

I'm currently watching the Leafs/Rangers game (Leafs down 2-0 haha) which has already proved entertaining as the Leafs are getting WORKED. Go Rangers!

With our loss today and Toronto's current play, our first round picks are looking that much better! :P

Go B's!

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