Saturday, October 3, 2009

7-2 Bruins Over Hurricanes: Bruins GIVE It To Hurricanes. Staal Wants It In The Ear.

Wow...what can the nay sayers, say now? We scored 7 goals and kicked the crap out of the Hurricanes without Phil Kessel, Ed Shore, Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito, Cam Neely, Johnny Bucyk, Terry O'Reilly, Ray Bourque or Adam Oats. I think I've named everyone who would be referenced by one who has watched the Bruins once before.

So lets talk about this game...

Savard scored the first goal (on the PP) in the first period and it was pretty. Nice rebound coming out front and Savard smashes it home from between the circles. Nice to see Savard producing early.

This goal was followed up by a goal by Ryder (also on the PP). Again, on a rebound. The shot from the point, pick up the rebound, strat seems to work well for the Bruins. Would have liked to see it more tonight.

Wheeler has one go off his boot and in. Cam Ward is pissed. Begin looking slick with the cross ice feed to Wheeler. I think I actually silenced the bar with my celebration on this goal.

Eric Staal jumps into the puck taking a shot in the EAR from his teammate. I really hate Eric Staal, more-so then any other Staal brother, so I can't help but laugh since he jumped into it hahaha. I really hope they have a replay of that, cause it's hilarious.


Sturm scores! STURM SCORED! YES! A SICK feed from Savard back in "Gretzky's Office" to Sturm out front. Bye bye Cam Ward.

Another PP goal provided by Wideman from the point. Nice bomb, good to see him hitting the net.

Scott Walker needs to get hit by a bus...

Thornton takes an awesome pass from Begin (his second assist) taps it in past Leighton. I really hope we sign Thornton to an extension...our fourth line will be garbage without him.

At this point in the game, I'm freaking out at the bar. Every person we need to score has scored at this point. Sturm and Ryder, specifically. Then...all hell breaks loose.

Milan Lucic decides it's time to mess up Jay Harrison. Wow...bloodied and beatin. You can check out the fight here. Once that is squared away, Alberts decides to rough up Sturm and shove em down into the boards, Savard doesn't like that, Chara zooms in, Wheeler, Morris, everyone gets into it. Awesome rumble ensues. 4 Players in each box at the end of it.

Staal is back and scores, has the "I'm a tough guy" face on as he skates around after the goal. I hate him so much...

Last goal, Sturm to Hunwick. No one needed something positive more then Hunwick. This guys game has been garbage since pre-season started, hopefully this will help in improving his play.

Alberts gets whats coming to him fighting Thornton. Awesome fight, Thornton roughs em up. Check it out here.

To wrap it up, Widemen hip checks the hell out of Erik Cole's knee. If you watch it in slow motion, you can see Cole's knee buckle...rough.

In the end, the Bruins beat the Hurricanes Defensively, Offensively, Physically, Mentally and I think we may have even called the mothers of each member of the Hurricanes and told them we beat them. Such an awesome game.

The Bruins are off till next Thursday...ugh. So I'll have to find some way to entertain myself till then. One thing I'm going to do is keep an eye on Toronto. My observation of Toronto will be passed on to you through a segment I'd like to call "Toronto Watch". Toronto Watch will be my game by game change in value of our 1st and 2nd round draft picks in 2010 that we got for the Kessel trade. We'll start tonight!

Toronto Watch(10/3/09)
Toronto 4 - Washington 6
Toronto's League Rank: 16 (0-1-1)
Bruins 2010 1st Round Pick: 16th
Bruins 2010 2nd Round Pick: 16th

I'll get the Fan Fest stuff up some time this week. I shook Jack Edward's hand!

Go B's!

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