Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kobasew Traded To Minnesota.

Kobasew was just traded to the wild for a 2011 second round pick, Craig Weller and rights to prospect Alexander Fallstrom. You can read the article here. Looks like Weller is currently in the AHL and has dressed for about 100 games total in the NHL.

Interesting move by the Bruins. I'm personally a big fan of Kobasew. He's the kind of guy to put up points here and there when you least expect it. He'll also net a puck occasionally when least expected.

This is either a really dumb move or a move to clear up cap space. It would be dumb if we just got rid of him to bring in this Weller guy as he seems pretty inexperienced where Kobasew is proven and is just in a slump. I'm assuming it was done to clear some space. We'll know by tomorrow I'm sure.

Good luck Chucky! Say hi to Hnidy for us!

Go B's!

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