Friday, October 16, 2009

Bruins Blow It In The Second...Says NHL 10

I picked up NHL 10 yesterday so I've decided to do some simulations prior to each game and I'll post the results and keep the Bruins simulation records up here too. See how off EA is.

I will be adjusting lineups for both teams to be as close to what will be on the ice for the game. For example, I've removed Wideman from the line up tonight, put Hunwick in a D pair with Boychuck etc...

So, in today's simulation, the Bruins lost 3-1 with all goals from both teams coming in the second period.

Now, silly me thinking that EA would let you go back to the game and check the boxscore after the game is over I ended up missing all the statistics. I'll provide statistics tomorrow for the game against Phoenix. So for now, here is the unofficial format for the Bruins simulated season.

Bruins Real Record: 2-3-0
Bruins Simulated Record: 2-2-1

Tonight's Simulated Game: Bruins 1 - Stars 3

Lets hope the simulation is wrong!

Go B's!

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