Wednesday, October 21, 2009

3-2 Bruins Over Preds: Bruins Win Despite Tons Of Injuries.

Thomas played a great game tonight. Especially in the last 5 minutes. Defense fell apart with the extra man on the ice in the last minute of the game but Thomas hung in there. Thats by boy!

Marchand is a friggin monster. This guy was tearing it up, fun to watch every time he was on the ice. His feed to Ryder was amazing and his defensive play was great.

Trent Whitfield did not look comfortable. I don't think I hear his name mentioned at all tonight nor did I head anything from his linemates Wheeler and Sobotka. It didn't' seem like this line got a lot of ice time. I wouldn't be surprised to see this line get broken up or moved to the 4th line with Thorntons absence.

Overall, a good game tonight, not to many terrible penalties taken and sloppy play was held to a minimum.

We play the Flyers tomorrow which should prove a bit more of a challenge.

Go B's!

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