Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bruins / Coyotes - Simulation Results

The simulator HATES the Bruins.

According to NHL 10, the Bruins lose to the Coyotes 3-1 tonight. It's not being very creative as this is the second 3-1 score in a row...

Before I go into the simulated statistics...let me just tell you that EA Sports did not even TRY to have the correct rosters for each team in this game. I had to manually move at least 4 players onto the Coyotes and some of these players were on teams they hadn't been on in a year or two. I couldn't even find Radim Vrbata who is supposed to be the Coyotes 3rd line right winger. So his part will be played by Viktor Tikhonov.

Setting up the lines for Phoenix took an hour or so, since I had to dig around for so many players. There is no search or sort of any kind when you're trying to move players between free agency and other teams. The free agent list is roughly 100 names long, scrolling to the bottom of that list sucks.

The only way I was able to put together the correct lines for the Coyotes (as I do not follow them at all) was with help from Daily Faceoff. It's a pretty sweet site, it has projected, up to date lines and projected starting goalies which they confirm throughout the day. Good site for Fantasy Hockey players. Anyway..

On with the statistics!

Final Score: Bruins 1 - Coyotes 3

Bruins Powerplay: 0-4
Coyotes Powerplay: 0-9

Bruins Goal Scorers: Mark Recchi (1)
Coyotes Goal Scorers: Zbynek Michalek (1), Vernon Fiddler(2) and Taylor Pyatt(4)

Bruins Total Shots: 38
Coyotes Total Shots: 32

Bruins Simulated Record After Tonight: 2-3-1

Last time the simulation said we lost we won, lets have a repeat!

Go B's!

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