Thursday, October 8, 2009

Price Gets Worked In Front Of His Father, As Montreal Gets Carolina'd

Montreal got WORKED by Vancouver last night 7-1 getting Vancouver their first win of the season. Our buddy Carey Price, let in all 7 goals on 32 shots. UGLY and I love it. Carey Price's father was in the stands as this was the first time Price had played in his hometown. They kept cutting to his father who looked...well, very disappointed. In Price's defense, Montreal's D was laughable.

While watching, I also noticed that Hal Gill was wearing one of the A's last night for the Canadiens. Are the Canadiens that desperate that they need to put an A on Gill, with Markov gone? That's SAD. Gill also showed off his 6 foot 7 jersey pulling skills in a fight with the 5'11 Rick Rypien and well...I'll let the fight speak for it self.

How do you LOSE to someone that small! The guy was BLOCKING and all Gill did was pull his jersey! Who blocks in a hockey fight!? You're 6'7, more then half a foot taller then the guy and one of the assistant captains on your team, DO SOMETHING! Damn Cupcake. Good way to get the team fired up, fight some short guy and pull on his jersey a bit. That'll get you back in the game. Tool.

Bruins are on tonight! Finally! We get to play the Ducks who are 0-1-1 and one of the least interesting teams in the league this year. Lets just hope the Bruins bring the noise.

Toronto Watch(10/8/09)
Last Game: Toronto 1 - Ottowa 2
Toronto's League Rank: 28th (0-2-1)
Bruins 2010 1st Round Pick: 3rd (1st Pick With Lottery Win)

Lets go B's!

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