Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Quiet Hockey Day. How Do Football Fans Do It?

I can't imagine having to wait all week for a hockey game, let alone a game my team is participating in. Imagine if there was a bye-week in hockey? That would be terrible.

I experienced complete hockey bliss on Saturday with EVERY TEAM playing starting at noon and ending at 1AM. However, I was hugely disappointed to find that not one team was playing yesterday. I'm slightly less disappointed today as there are two games on tonight, but neither of them sound that appealing. Rangers v Devils will be a snooze fest watching the Devils endlessly dump the puck into the offensive zone and do nothing. Columbus v Vancouver...who cares? Though it may be hilarious to see Vancouver end up being 0-3.

As boring as the Rangers v Devils game will be, I'll probably be watching that tonight as I have Marc Staal, Wade Redden (woohoo!) and Brandon Dubinsky (picked him up today) going for my fantasy team tonight. I also like to watch Brodeur get lit up when possible. Hopefully the Rangers will be able to provide some entertainment.

Go B's!

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