Friday, October 30, 2009

2-1 Devils Over Bruins: B's Play 60 Minutes.

Annnnnnd I didn't get to see it....cause I'm moving....and it's a pain. I'm almost done though! Then updates will be coming regularly.

I'd comment on the game, but as I wasn't able to watch it, I'd just be writing what has already been written on the web. I will say though, that this seemed like a game where a little rough play by Lucic or a slick goal from Savard would have got us closer to those to points. But for now, good job B's! Nice Effort! Let's get two next time!

However, since my last post, Toronto won a game :( but they then followed it up with another OT loss on Wednesday. Lets go to Toronto Watch.

Toronto Watch(10/30/09)
Last Game: Toronto 3 - Dallas 4 - OT
Toronto's League Rank: 30th (1-7-2)
Bruins 2010 1st Round Pick: 1st (With Lottery Win)

I was really hoping for them to be the 15 straight loss record...boooooo. They play again tonight against Buffalo which I'm hoping to see if Comcast can get their act together and successfully get NHL Center Ice through to my cable box...assclowns. Let's go Sabers!


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