Saturday, October 17, 2009

3-0 Bruins Over Stars: The Simulation Was Wrong! I Hate Baseball Fans.

It's so much easier to write about the Bruins when they win like that. Thomas pulling the shutout on 27 saves, excellent D keeping all the shooters to the outside, we even scored on the Power Play! We even managed to kill a late period BS penalty on Thoronton. I hate Ribeiro.

The only person I had an issue with tonight was Bergy. He made several sloppy passes through the neutral zone which caused a lot of turn overs. But other then that, play was pretty solid.

Now...the reason I hate baseball fans. We went out to watch the game last night and...well...lemme draw a picture here.... is the legend...The Redish boxes are the TVs. The Black box is the bar, Orange is the seats around the bar, Green is the tables outside of that. X is a dude watching the TV1 in front of them and Y is his whore of a girlfriend. Z is where we're sitting.

So the waitress comes up and I politiely ask, "Would it be possible to get NESN on this TV (pointing to TV1) or that TV (Pointing to TV2)". After some confusion she offers to put it on TV1. TV1 is the bigger and closer TV so I'm like sweet. Currently on TV1 is Dennis Eckersly talking about the game that is about to take place between the Yankees and's just pre-game, no one is playing yet and I've been in the bar for about 15 minutes and have seen the same Dodgers/Phillies highlights 100 times. The volume isn't up on these TVs either and there are no subtitles. So basically, these two are just watching people talk to each other around a table and can't hear anything.

Well once NESN comes up on this TV...this bitch loses her mind. She starts huffing and puffing. Shes running her fingers through her hair, shaking her head, complaining to her boyfriend etc... She turns around and sees me sitting behind her and that totally sets her off. More huffing and puffing, shaking her head, throwing her hands in the air. Like this necessary? First off, it's just pre-game and you know what, that's fine, I'm okay with you wanting to watch that. But do you have to be a complete idiot about it? If she was a normal person and maybe just turned around and said "Hey, I was watching that, would it be okay if we put it back", I totally would have been fine with that. I initially wasn't even concerned with having it on that TV cause I assumed they were watching it (that is where some of the confusion stemmed from with the waitress). But don't be a bitch and complain and throw your hands in the a real person. I even would have offered to change if back if she wasn't being a total bitch.

So after having a fit, they change it back to baseball and shes all smiles. She got her way and shes pumped. She did look like one of those high maintenance chicks. Huge loop earings, raging blond hair, the big puffy red vest. Yeah...

Around this time, the game starts. My first thought is...they better be staying for the whole game... NOPE. THE SECOND INNING they pack their things up and go. THE SECOND INNING!!! Was soundless pregame really THAT important to watch the SECOND INNING AND LEAVE. I don't understand some people... I jsut have one question for them...if the Yankees beat the Angels or Angels beat the Yankees, how does that effect the Red Sox? Oh, that's right, it doesn't. Go watch pointless games at home.

So of course, after they left, they put the Bruins game back on...victory.

Alright, I'm done ranting.

I'll be posting the simulation results for tonight's game up here shortly.

Lets go B's!

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