Saturday, October 3, 2009

Where Is That Team USA Jersey At!?!?!

Nike is supposed to have them, or so I thought. I found out today, that they're not in stock, but they will have em. You can check out the jersey here. Chat transcript with provided below. Ann was very helpful and liked hockey!

Ann: Hi, my name is Ann. How may I help you?
Ann: Hi Mike
Opie: I'm looking for a 2010 USA Olympic team Nike not doing them this year?
Ann: Great question!
Opie: Hockey jersey specifically :)
Ann: I can check on that for you. Awesome! Hockey!
Opie: The BEST Sport EVER! :P
Ann: I saw the under 18 Team USA play the other day and they were wearing Nike athletic wear.
Ann: I am checking.
Opie: Cool! No problem.
Ann: Researching Team USA.
Opie: Yeah i did some Google-ing....just found a bunch of articles about the jersey being released.
Ann: Do you have a link?
Opie: Yeah, I'll give you the link from the site that said they'd be here....
Ann: Thank you.
Opie: LINK
Ann: I am checking the link.
Opie: Cool. They mention halfway down. They also mention the site has them, but I didn't find them there either.
Ann: It appears that we aren't in stock on them, yet. I would check back often. I am excited about these, too!
Ann: The Team USA is still wearing the old jerseys with the flag when they play.
Opie: Cool. I'll keep checking back. Any idea on what the price would be for an authentic jersey? I'd assume around 250
Opie: Yeah, I think they look pretty good.
Ann: The price would be available as soon as we get the product number for the stock.
Opie: Cool, thanks!

So...they're not released you know. I'll post here when I find em.

Go B's!

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