Monday, October 12, 2009

Bruins, New Logo and Twitter! Oh My!

Bruins are playing the Avs this afternoon while people in Colorado are having breakfast. I'm glad EST is standard. First off, Craig Anderson scares me. Out of no where this guy is a monster. We need to get a goal early and set the tone in this afternoons game.

Boychuk will be in for Wideman today, he'll be paired up with Stuart. I'm sure Boychuk will do fine, I'm more concerned about Ference and Hunwick. Ference hasn't had the strongest game and despite Hunwick's two goals, I don't really feel that he's had a solid game either.

Tuukka is going again today. Don't know how much I agree with that unless there is something physically wrong with Thomas. Thomas performs better when playing a lot and keeping him on the bench for multiple game is only going to make it harder to get things going.

Note the new logo, I think it's pretty sweet! I have to thank XoMgnNcl33 for providing the sweet Photoshop skills to get it too look much better then anything I could put together.

Also, I got a twitter you can follow now, check it out here. Using, every post I make will send an update to Twitter indicating a new post is up. Totally sweet.

Go B's!!

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