Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pittsburgh, The Best Sports City? Sporting News Thinks So.

Yup, Sporting News gave Pittsburgh the number 1 spot in its 16th annual Best Sports Cities rankings. I'm sorry, but 2 of your teams winning championships in the same year doesn't suddenly make your city the best sport city in America.

I found out about this while watching the Pittsburgh v Pheniox game (Pens are losing 2-0 lawlz) . They're playing in Pittsburgh and it is SILENT. No one is standing, no one is cheering and it has been like this the whole game. Even the announcers mentioned it, after they mentioned that Pittsburgh is the best sports city in America! What the hell?

I found the whole list here. We're 3rd behind Pittsburgh (obviously) and Philadelphia. Really? Philadelphia? I mean, I'd put them in the top 10, but over Boston...I dunno about that.

Anyway, I'll be watching the Montreal v Canucks game tonight. I hate Montreal (as we all do) but I really want to see Vancouver go 0-4. It would be the first time in the teams history that they've lost their first 4 games.

Lastly, how about that Lucic signing huh? 3 years, 12.25 mil, should make signing Savard, Wheeler and others very interesting this off-season. I see a Shawn Thornton extension coming soon!

Go B's!

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