Friday, October 23, 2009

4-3 Flyers Over Bruins In A Shootout: Stealing Those Points!

This is the beginning of the consistency I was hoping to see. Keeping the score close, eventually taking the lead...all we needed was the win. Against a Flyers team that is jammin for the most part, I'll take the 1 point on the road. Especially since we're out Lucic, Savard and Thornton.

B's play Ottowa on Saturday which should be a good game considering we no longer have to deal with the Heatly, Spezza, Alfredson line. They lost to the Preds last night, so lets hope this killed any momentum they had worked up.

Again, no simulation cause I actually packed up NHL 10 for my move. Simulations should be back by Monday.

Go B's!

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