Saturday, October 10, 2009

Souray Loses An Edge?

Apparently, Edmonton's coach Pat Quinn was fined $10,000 for his comments regarding a "Hit" on Souray by Iginla. Now the comments, whatever, I don't care. I watched the replay and read the summary of the fine here. Now, it looks to me like Souray lost an edge and Iginla was in a position where he wasn't able to put the breaks on, tried to and slammed into Sourays head. Iginla, was given a tripping penalty. I didn't see a trip there either. I don't really follow Calgary, but I don't recall hearing about Iginla being a dirty hit kind of guy. I dunno, I don't get it, just figured I'd share that as the whole thing seems ridiculous to me, both the fine and everyone freaking out that it was a bad hit.

B's play tonight, lets see a better performance then Thursday night...

Go B's!

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