Friday, October 2, 2009

Have Some Losses, Makes Ya Feel Better

Been keeping an eye on some of the other opening game losses since ours yesterday. I know there have only been a few games, but these losses by other teams might ease the pain.

San Jose 2 - Colorado - 5: See, team with the best record in the league last year lost to the projected second worst team in the league, in a big way. Their season is over. They're not making the way.

Montreal 4 - Toronto 3: Toronto's boy Stajan even scored 2 goals and they still lost! In a shootout! Our 2010 picks just got that much better.

Inspired! "Toronto Watch"...more information on that later.

St. Louis 4 - Detroit 3: Third best projected team takes a 3 - 1 lead and Osgood blows it in the second. 4 goals on 23 shots...ugly.

Philadelphia 2 - Carolina 0: Sweeped in the Conference Finals and continuing to impress by being shutout by RAY EMERY. UGH! Rock on Caniacs!

See everyone, it's not that bad...we could have been shut out by Emery...or worked by least we lost to Ovechkin and friends. So dry them tears, drink a beer and lets get ready to give Carolina some payback!


Hopefully... :P

Go B's!

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