Friday, October 2, 2009

More Constructive (Sober) Recap.

Yes, the Bruins lost the Capitals last night. A very strange loss actually. It seemed that when the Bruins screwed something up, they REALLY screwed up. But there were times that they played extremely well. Keeping the pressure on, passing well, nice defense, then out of no where it'd all fall apart. Honestly, I was just happy to see a goal. I don't think there is anything more disappointing then going to a game and not seeing a goal, just to see everyone go nuts. Even if we did lose, it was a fun game and atmosphere. So happy hockey is back.

I haven't read any articles regarding the game, as I'm sure everyone tore into the Bruins for losing last night. As I mentioned in my last post, there are still 81 more games to go. It is very common for the Bruins to lose the home opener and I'm really not suprised. I managed to find the win/loss information on the last 5 season's home and road season openers. I'm going to keep digging out of my own curiosity to find out how many home openers we have actually lost. But here are the ones I found.

2003-2004: First Home Game (Opener) - FINAL NJD (3) - BOS (3) - OT
2003-2004: First Road Game - FINAL BOS (1) - TBL (5) - L

2005-2006: First Home Game (Opener):
FINAL MTL (2) - BOS (1) - L
2005-2006: First Road Game: FINAL BOS (1) - BUF (4) - L

2006-2007: First Home Game:
FINAL CGY (2) - BOS (3) - W
2006-2007: First Road Game (Opener):
FINAL BOS (3) - FLA (8) - L

2007-2008: First Home Game:
FINAL TBL (1) - BOS (4) - W
2007-2008: First Road Game (Opener): FINAL BOS (1) - DAL (4) - L

2008-2009: First Home Game:
FINAL PIT (2) - BOS (1) - SO L
2008-2009: First Road Game (Opener): FINAL BOS (5) - COL (4) - W

2009-2010: First Home Game (Opener):
FINAL WSH (4) - BOS (1) - L

As you can see, the Bruins are no strangers to losing their first game. Besides, it's not like we lost the Islanders or something. We lost to one of the top 5 teams in the league.

On a positive note, Bergy scored, which is sweeeeet. He also made a few good plays to setup some scoring chances. He's looking sharp for the start of the season, lets hope he stays healthy.

Thomas did not look to bad in net. He was put in a lot of terrible situations. Saved 30 of 34 and I think he managed relatively well with the Bruins only getting 3 shots in the third.

The Thornton fight was cool, but we needed a fight long before that. Would have been better to have it in the second then the 3rd with like 10 minutes left. You can checkout the fight here.

I feel like there were some bad penalties called as well. I know it's easy to just blame things on the refs, but I really feel that the refs are a little rusty to start the season as well. A good example was the hooking call on Begin followed up by the blatant makeup call on the Caps for tripping. Such garbage, I hate seeing that kind of thing, even if it is to our advantage.

Overall, I had a blast last night. Nothing better then Boo-ing the other team, drinking a bunch and talking trash. Hockey is back...good times...

I'll have some pictures from Fan Fest and the game up a little later.

Go B's!!!

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