Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Well...We Could Be Toronto!

Toronto got rolled by the Rangers 7-2 last night. Toskala allowed all 7 goals. This just further builds the pressure on Kessel to perform if Toronto continues this lackluster play.

Guess my advise to you now would be if you feel bad about the Bruins, just watch Toronto. Watch them tonight, they're playing the Avs, should be interesting to see if the Avs can keep a "hungry" team quiet.

Bruins were off today and will be back to practice tomorrow to shape up. Lets hope we can get over our second period woes.

Toronto Watch(10/13/09)
Last Game: Toronto 2 - Rangers 7
Toronto's League Rank: 30th (0-4-1)
Bruins 2010 1st Round Pick: 1st

Go B's!

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