Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Paul Kelly + Ference = Brad Park? Practice Pre-Blog Post.

The ever growing Paul Kelly saga continues to become more ridiculous as Brad Park (former defensemen for the Red Wing, Bruins and Rangers) provided this comment regarding Ference...

''Let me tell Andrew Ference, one defenseman to another, he should spend more time worrying about going to back to get the puck than to worry about Paul Kelly's ability to do the job as head of the PA, said Park, who turned 61 years old in July. ''When [Ference] was in junior, I assume he wasn't going to I ask, what makes him so [expletive] smart?! They had a guy like Chris Chelios in that room [in Chicago] who disagreed, told them to wait and think.

''Maybe guys like Ference should take time to listen to guys who are older and smarter.''

You can read the whole article here, but this just furthers the fact that players who are NO LONGER IN the NHL are the main supporters for Paul Kelly. I pose this question to Mister Park...what puck will Ference have to get without a job in 2011-12 if Kelly, was doing that bad of a job?

The article also mentions that the decision to remove Paul Kelly came at 3:30 AM as if the time itself was proof the decision was hastily made. A 3:30AM firing to me says exactly the opposite, this wasn't a quick decision. If it was a quick decision it would have happened in the middle of the day or early morning. You have to figure if they were voting till 3:30 in the morning, they had to deliberate a lot to come to decision.

To be honest, other then reading the articles in major headlines on and TSN, I haven't really followed anything regarding the NHLPA. But in my opinion, who would know whats best for the players better then the players currently in the game? Don't get me wrong, I respect players like Brad Park, but he hasn't played since 85, things have changed.

If the decision was made quickly, I can see why. I think that a decision had to be made as quickly as possible to find someone to fill Paul Kelly's position with ample time to avoid a lockout during the 2010 - 2011 season when the current NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement ends.

Overall, I think this has created unnecessary, negative publicity for the NHL which it can't afford to have right now. The league already has a mess on it's hand with this Phoenix ownership nonsense, they don't retired players bad mouthing players in today's game. Comments like Brad Park's are a joke and the media should step up and keep that kind of trash out of the public eye.

On an unrelated note, I went to Bruins practice this morning. Very spirited practice to say the least. I'll have some photos and videos up as soon as possible along with my take on practice.

Go B's!

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