Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Pictures And Random Information.

No game tonight for the Bruins. No information on how practice is going to from as per the usual (As of the time of this post). Due to my boredom at work, I've decided to provide some insite as to how I have been passing the time in regards to Bruins/Hockey information. has some photos up from last nights game.

A "Leaked" photo of the potential Bruins Winter Classic Jersey was posted on the other day. I have mixed feelings. The jersey will be officially unveiled today at 6:30 PM at the season ticket holders "State Of The Bruins" meeting.

I've been following the 30 Teams in 30 Days Season Preview on TSN. They have a break down of each teams "Power Ranking" with a pretty cool detailed off-season analysis of each team.

Current breakdown of our division:

??: Bruins
18: Montreal
19: Buffalo
24: Ottowa
25: Toronto

So no Bruins yet, I can't expect they'd put us any lower then 5th.

Also on TSN, I couldn't find highlights of last nights game (not a direct link anyway), but the whole game is available on demand through their site. So if you missed it and want to take the time to watch it (pretty good game with all the fights and whatnot) check it out.

Lastly, I was introduced to a pretty cool site last night. It has all the "mug shots" for the members of the Bruins this year and some of the AHL guys.

Now back to work.

Go Bs!

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