Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2 - 1 Bruins over Rangers: Fluto Jinxed It

Bruins played their first pre-season game tonight against the Gomez-less New York Rangers. It's a shame it wasn't televised as I would have liked to see Tukka make 31 saves. Unfortunately, Fluto Shinzawa, writer for the Boston Globe, jinxed the possible shutout with this comment:

"* Tuukka Rask is 20 minutes away from blanking the Rangers."


As it wasn't televised, it's tough to analyze the game in it's entirety but it's nice to hear that Sturm is getting involved with an assist. Also nice to hear about the Power Play starting on the right foot after the atrocious show they put on in the Carolina series.

Speaking of starting off on the right foot, NHL.com has once again proven they know EVERYTHING about hockey. Including that Marc Savard was playing in tonight's pre-season game opener when he scored the second goal for the Bruins. Wait...thats right...Marc Savard didn't play tonight, it was Max Suave who scored the second goal. Close enough I suppose. Way to go NHL.com. In other NHL.com news, it is reported that an 'Unknown' player scored the first goal for St. Louis in their game tonight against the Minnesota Wild. An APB is out on the unknown player.

NHL.com did decide to provide us with some photo's from tonights Bruins game which is pretty cool.

Rangers vs. Bruins Pre-Season Game 1 Photos

TSN also provided some highlights...minus the first Bruins goal.

Rangers vs Bruins Highlights (Right side of the page)

I'll be heading to practice tomorrow in Wilmington which will feature all players listed in the Boston.com posted roster.

Training Camp Roster

Would have been nice to know who is in Group A or B...

Go Bruins!

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