Thursday, September 24, 2009

2-1 Bruins Over Montreal: Timmy In Vezina Form. Practice Pics and Vids!

We're not worthy! We're not worthy! Go Timmy! Excellent game by Thomas tonight. He started out shaky int he 1st but played much better in the second and third. I only wish I could have seen it, radio just doesn't cut it. From what I heard, excellent rebound control, coming far out of net to challenge and making 33 of 34 saves. That is the Thomas we know and love. Going to be a good boost of confidence for him after that terrible game against New York. Add Thomas's big game tonight with Rask's recent success, we got our selves a nice two hit combo in net going intot he season.

I can't image they'll go with Thomas again tomorrow night as he was at the bottom of, what was described as a 'pile up', in front of his net. According to Bob Beers, he got up pretty slow. He managed to finish the game, so I can't image that it was anything to bad. I'm going to vote Rask for next game and Thomas for the last.

Heard from Zach Hamil quite a bit this game. Didn't score any goals, but definitely helped put and keep the pressure on Montreal. Unfortunately, near the end of the game, took a shot off the leg and was slow to get off the ice. He would later return, but was clearly in pain. I'm personally tired of Zach Hamil and his injuries. If it's bad enough, I think Sobatka will take the extra spot which was Hamil's to lose.

Mark Stuart, scored tonight. Nice to hear from him and get him seom well deserved praise. Quiet guy, but is totally sound on the ice. He's "A Bruin" for sure.

Bergy, Bergy, Bergy...why can't you score in a shootout in the REGULAR season!

Overall, nice to see Montreal go down again this pre-season, lets hope we can carry this into the regular season.

As for practice yesterday. Wow! Check out the pictures and videos we got yesterday. Lots of straight forward, but challenging drills. 3 on 0s, 3 on 2s, 1 on 1s, breakaways, they did it all yesterday. Julien was all over both the rookies and the vets. No Chara though, kind of a disappointment as it's always cool to see him run a Captains practice since they're basically pick-up, half rink, 5 on 5s.

Another cool part about yesterdays practice was that all the veterens were wearing differnt colored jersey to signify their lines. For example, Thorton, Sobatka and Bitz were wearing red and are the expected 4th line(You can obviously replace Sobatka with Zach Hamil if Zach makes the team).

The not so awesome part of practice is the fact they didn't wear names on their jerseys. I hate that. I can recognize the faces of the usual guys, Ference, Wideman, Ryder etc... but it's hard to tell the rookies apart. I can't image it'd be hard to print a name on a back of practice jersey. So lame. What they did last year (during rookie camp) was provide a roster of who was on the ice. I think they should do that at the very least.

A pretty entertaining practice regardless of nameless jerseys I suppose.

Go B's!

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