Friday, September 18, 2009

Dunkin Donuts Hates The Bruins. NBA Referee Lockout. Yes!

This post is not directly related to hockey, but I wanted to put this up here while I was still thinking about it.

So I'm on the train this morning (no accidental train collisions or fires) and I see this advertisement for Dunkin Donuts. It is basically explaining some contest that they have for Boston sports. You know, ZOMG buy a cup of coffee and you could win the following things! Well the following things that were indicated in this Advertisement were:

"Throw out the first pitch at Fenway!"

"Go on a road trip with the Patriots to London!"

"Court side Celtics tickets!"

Okay, so I had a few issues with this. First off, how the hell do you road trip to London? The term "Road Trip" usually implies the use of roads not the ocean. Secondly, did the Patriots play in London this year? Do they? I mean...I guess they must otherwise, that prize kinda sucks. I can just picture your prize being a "Road Trip" to London, then leaving cause there is nothing left to do.

My Second issue with this advertisement is the Celtics tickets. I mean, throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game is epic and not everyone can do that. The same can be said about "Road Tripping" to London with the Pats, especially if they play a game. But court side tickets? I think that just speaks volumes to how terrible a sport Basketball is. The BEST thing you can offer is court side tickets. Really? Any normal person off the street can get those and it's only a "prize" because they've won a championship and the seats are slightly more expensive. If that is the best experience a sport can offer, you find a new sport.

The last issue...where the hell is hockey!? They had a Bruins logo on the advertisement, but there was no prize mentioned! How about an autograph signing and some tickets or a VIP booth for a Montreal game, something! God damn.

Now, going back to Basketball. NBA Referees are going into an "unavoidable lockout" this year. Which I think is hilarious. The solution? Have D Level Referees and WNBA referees, ref the pre-season games. Lawlsorus! Now how this is related to hockey is that if these refs can lockout long enough, I'm hoping the season needs to be put on hold so the Bruins and every other hockey team that shares an arena with these clowns can have decent ice to play on.

Speaking of clowns and destruction of perfectly good ice... the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey's Circus is going to be in town in October! Get your tickets while they last! Awesome...

Go Bruins!

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