Sunday, September 20, 2009

5-2 Rangers Over Bruins: Thomas Will Have "The Anisimov" With The Works.

Rough preseason game for the Bruins. I didn't get to watch it, but from what I read, Thomas wasn't looking to sharp. 5 goals on 19 shots, ugh. But this Artem Anisimov, is a MONSTER. Check out him working the Bs defense to score on Thomas. Nasty. Hope he doesn't make the team!

On the upside of things, Savard and Hamil scored. Nice to see Savard getting right back into things and seeing some consistency in Hamil's game. Max Suave also came away with an assist, really pulling for him to make an appearance with the club this year.

Montreal got WORKED by Ottowa last night which makes our loss a little less painful. Mike Fisher for Ottowa came out with a Hat Trick and Carey Price let up 4 goals on 16 shots in 2 periods...nice. We play Montreal tonight, at 7 and lets hope that Price's stellar play carries over from last night. hasn't posted a roster for tonight, but I can only assume that Thomas will get another start so he can get back in the swing of things. I'd like to see Suave and Hamil in the line up again. From what I've read/seen our defense needs some work. I think it's time to start putting the usual D pairings in, start getting some chemistry going, especially with Morris.

Kessel, had his press conference in Toronto yesterday. Check out the video here. Kessel saying "Toronto is the best hockey city in the world." pffft. Traitor. Could you please provide some more generic answers Phil? Thanks. Can't wait for his first game against Boston. We'll see how his outside-inside move down the wing works when you got Chara there to rough em up.


Go Bs! Beat them Habs!

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