Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Head Bangin' With Tootoo!

While looking through TSN today I came across an article regarding a fight Jordin Tootoo had with Tom Sestito of the Columbus Blue Jackets. As we're playing the Blue Jacks tonight, I figured it'd be appropriate to read. You can read the article here, but the article inspired me to find other fights that Tootoo has been involved in, in an attempt to further my hatred for him and see him get dominated. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find many fights where he lost.

As Fluto would say "with an assist from hockeyfights.com", I put together a list of pretty good fights involving Tootoo from pre-season this year and regular season last year.

Jordin Tootoo vs Tom Sestito (This is the video of the incident mentioned in the article above. Ouch)

Jordin Tootoo vs Brad Staubitz (It's like a Rocky movie)

Jordin Tootoo vs Alexandre Burrows (Yeah the head fake really worked Alex)

Jordin Tootoo vs Steve Begin
(Begin lost cause he's wearing that uniform...)

Those are the 4 videos I found most amusing, but there are tons of them up there. Check out hockeyfights.com if you're looking to kill some time. Excellent site.

Lets Go Bs!

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