Monday, September 21, 2009

2-1 Bruins Over Montreal: Rask Beasts It. Suave Heads Back To Juniors.

The Bruins beat Montreal last night despite the lack of news coverage from Not a single line was written regarding the 2-1 victory over Montreal. You would think they would at least post a pre-game roster. It's not like they're in our division or our rivals or anything. It doesn't help that it wasn't televised either. From the sounds of things, Rask tore it up stopping 25 of 26. Nice to know there is a solid backup for Timmy Beast this year. TSN did provide some highlights, you can check them out and the breakdown of the game here.

Max Suave got sent back to his Junior team, Val-d'Or . Pretty surprising to see that the Bruins didn't even let him finish training camp. Also surprising that he is only in Juniors. He showed some real skill, hope they assign him to Providence to give him a chance at the NHL.

Roster is up for tomorrows game. No Thomas or Chara in the lineup. I feel like we're getting a little close to crunch time and we should start getting the starters in shape. Especially the defense. Drew Feta and Andy Wozniewski? Come on. Neither of them will make the team.

Speaking of Wozniewski, here is a pretty funny clip involving him.

Also, check out "Break In Bear". Hilarious!

Go Bruins!

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