Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3 - 2 Bruins Over Toronto: Bruins Show Up For The Third. Max Sauve Is A Beast

I'll start with my opinion on today's practice. One word, INTENSE. Julien barking orders, crazy drills that make no sense to me, crashing the net during a 'scrimmage', hockey is definitely back and I'm pumped.

It is interesting to watch some of the new guys skate around seemingly lost with Claude and Chara barking directions at them. I'm speaking mainly about Tyler Randell (66). This guy couldn't catch a break. Missing a crisp clean pass, being in the wrong place when trying to start a drill, falling over all over the place. At one point a drill started and something he did was apparently completely wrong and all 3 on ice coaches blew their whistles simultaneously to indicate he screwed something up. Not that I could do any better, but I wouldn't expect him to make the club this year.

Max Sauve (71) however, total beast. Not only did he score a goal the other night against the Rangers, this guy was tearing it up at practice this morning. Up and down the ice with speed, in the right place at all the right times and a nasty shot to boot. At one point, during break away drills, I saw him go completely cross body and land a sick top left corner goal on Dalton. Hope Claude puts him in a few more pre-season games this year, it would be nice to see if this guy is for real.

Should be heading to another practice next week. For now, feel free to take a look at some photos from today's practice. Check out the videos too.

The game tonight, craziest last minute of pre-season hockey I've ever seen. It was nice to see the PP working well again tonight. Even when we didn't score, we still were able to setup in most cases.

As for even strength and the PK, the first two periods, leaves something to be desired. Can't get over how bad we got roughed up in the first. Lost two consecutive fights, one of which was a suprising loss involving Bitz. Toronto's fore checking was crazy through the first and into the second. Nothing was worse the the shortie Hunwick gave up in the first though. Totally got turned around and left Sabourin hanging out to dry.

The third period it looked like everyone decided to play hockey. Our fore checking was back (especially the last 10 minutes) and it seemed we could get setup defensively. Begin, with his goal in the second period seemed to get his feet under him. Bergy, despite having an awful first falling over himself, played very well in the third.

I'll post some highlights as they become available.

The main thing that concerned me was Fluto's comments on regarding Morris:

"Rough shift for Derek Morris late in the first period. Two turnovers and too much running around chasing the puck. There's a lot of Dennis Wideman in Morris's game, and the coaches will need some time to quiet him down defensively."

Lets hope Morris can get it together.

Looking forward to Saturdays game against the Rangers. I hate that the Bruins change full price ($32 for the cheapest seats) for a PRE-SEASON game.

Go Bs!

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