Friday, September 18, 2009

クマは日本製アニメ行く (The Bruins Go Anime). Toronto Hands The Bruins The Division...For The Next 2 Years.

Lets start with the Winter Classic Jersey. I guess they called in Satoshi Tajiri for design ideas. Yeah you Google that name right now. Don't get me wrong, I definitely appreciate the history, but it just looks terrible. I think they should have done the classic look with a modern twist. I like everything but the B. The B is symbolic, without the B it's just not a Bruins jersey. It's the one thing they HAD to get right and they didn't. At least it's better then the Flyers jersey which looks like...well...the Flyers jersey. Check em both out here.

The Kessel "Saga" is "over". I put over in quotes because we all know this isn't really over, especially since we don't play Toronto until Kessel is ready to play again. Now I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't refreshing TSN every 10 minutes for updates once I read the announcement that the trade was nearly finalized, but I like to think I was interested for different reason. I wasn't hoping for it to be over so we can be done with it, I was excited to see what we were going to get in exchange. The end result...

Toronto gets Kessel at 5 Years, 27 million.

Bruins get Toronto's natural 1st and 2nd round picks in 2010 and Toronto's 1st round pick in the 2011 draft.

Now a lot of people are probably saying, "But where are we going to get the 30+ goals Kessel got for us?!". Well, the obvious answer is Sturm. If he can stay healthy, there are your 30 goals right there. Next, we got Reechi. People seem to forget that Reechi was only with us for less than half the year and scored 10 goals in 18 games. Give him a whole season, at that pace, you're looking at his 8th 30 goal season. Next, you got Wheeler. If the 15 pounds Wheeler has put on doesn't slow him down or effect his play, he's good for at least 20 goals. I could go on and on, but I think it is safe to say if we can stay healthy (specifically Sturm) we'll have no problem making up for Kessel's goal contribution.

What you need to keep in mind is there is a huge benefit to not trading for a player and just getting draft picks. We are going into the season with 1.7 million of cap space. Come trade deadline we have PLENTY of room to move a player and/or pick someone up.

As for Kessel + Toronto - It should be interesting to see how Kessel does with no one to feed him the no look pass like Savard. Also, Kessel's two-way game will be tested with Toronto's weaker defense. I'm sure Burke will be expecting a lot from from Kessel with his 5 million+ a year and it will be interesting to see what lengths he'll go to if Kessel doesn't produce. Lastly, Toronto is a heavy media town and Kessel HATES the media. I wonder if that will effect his play?

Bruins playing the Rangers tomorrow at 4pm. Don't think it's televised, but I'll be posting my thoughts post game as best I can.

Go Bruins!

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