Tuesday, September 22, 2009

6-5 Columbus Over Bruins: Bruins Come Back 5 Times To Lose In A Shootout

Bruins came back 5 times, twice in the third period, but ended up losing in the shootout. Total bummer. But it is nice to see them keep going at it and keeping is close. From the sounds of things and the blog updates provided by Bish, the Bruins were all over the road defensively. The Penalty Kill was atrocious as well. 2 goals allowed on 5 attempts and never looked to be on the same page.

I'm pretty disappointed in Dany Sabourin's performance in the shootout. All three shots got past him (1 hit the post) 2 of which were five-hole goals.

As for our goals, Bergy went to the faithful backhanded shootout shot that he does EVERY TIME and failed to tie it up.

Didn't hear much from Morris, this game, hoping once he's paired with Chara he'll be able to open up his game a bit more and contribute.

Lucic, was pretty quiet as well, not to much of a concern as he had a pretty quiet pre-season last year.

Thorton, finally got on the board with (from what I've heard and read) a sick backhand goal to beat Garon. He'll be the anchor on the 4th line again this year.

Fata, was playing tonight paired with Morris. I'm not a fan of Fata, I don't think he's a fan of himself either. Got into a fight for seemingly no reason, Bish wasn't impressed, 98.5 wasn't impressed, I wasn't impressed. Maybe it's his fault Morris was quiet tonight.

Johnny Boychuk, scored to keep the heat on Sobotka for the 7th spot on the roster. I haven't been overly impressed with Sobotka's game in the past, I think it's time we give the extra spot to another this season.

The Recchi, Bergy, Wheeler line put up some points tonight. As Wheeler/Recchi are expected to fill Kessel's 30+ goals, it's nice to see that line producing all ready. With Bergy healthy, this will be an awesome second line.

Didn't hear Zach Hamil's name at all tonight. He's been pretty consistent in the past couple of games, so that comes as a surprise that he was quiet tonight. Can't be the center of attention all the time I suppose.

I'll be in Wilmington tomorrow for practice. Pictures and (longer) video will be provided. I may go rough up the Pac-Man machine again to assert my total dominance upon it.

Go B's!

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