Saturday, September 26, 2009

2-1 Bruins Over Ottowa: All About The Rookies. Last Pre-Season Game Tonight!

The Bruins beat Ottowa 2-1 last night. You can check out the highlights and game summary here.

Marchand and Fata scored to put the Bruins past the nearly full NHL roster of Ottowa. I'm not a fan of Fata, simply from seeing him in practice, but he let go a bomb to score from the point last night. center of the blueline, through a screen, awesome shot. Nice to see our defensemen hitting the net.

Marchand, also scored with a nice feed from Morris. Marchand, former AHL Providence Rookie Of The Year, is definitely keeping pressure on Sobatka and Hamil for the extra spot on the roster. I actually wouldn't mind seeing him on the team this year if Hamil is going to miss the first week of the regular season.

Lucic, sticking up for Savard after a dirty hit, got in a sick fight with Chris Neil and I gotta say, Neil was on the losing end of this one. You can check out a good picture from the fight here on, you can also see part of the fight in the highlights provided above and the whole fight here from Lucic is a scary, scary man...

Thomas made 35 saves and was a monster as usual. You can checkout a couple of his saves in the highlights provided above. You can see what appears to be Thomas's best save during the post game interviews.

The B's are playing their last pre-season game tonight which will actually be on TV! NESN will be picking up coverage starting at 7. Might have pre-game coverage, but I wasn't able to find anything on about it or in my cable 'TV Guide'.

As there will be 4 days of no hockey, I'm going to put together a personal breakdown of each player's performance during the pre-season. I'll do 5 or 6 players a day. My Fantasy Draft will also be taking place Sunday, so I'll post my team up here once the draft is complete. Both, should help distract me from the lack of hockey. Pre-season is such a tease...

Go B's!

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